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Elaine Hill Memorial Scholarship and Love a Nurse 5K

Honoring her legacy.

Elaine died in February of 2009 after a battle with breast cancer. She is remembered for her life of service as a nurse at the Milbridge Medical Center. For more than 30 years, Elaine was the face of compassion in Milbridge, caring for everyone from newborns to seniors. She had a dry wit and a kind word for everyone. It was said once that Dr. Carl Aselton was the head of the medical center but Elaine was the heart. She loved being a nurse. Anyone who knew Elaine well, this was one of those rare, truly good people, you may only meet once in a lifetime. Her only motivation was to help people.

And so, an outpouring of love after her death prompted the WHRL to establish a nursing scholarship in her name. Her legacy of compassion will continue with the recipients of her scholarship as they continue her mission to help others. The scholarships are funded in part by the Annual Elaine Hill Memorial Walk/Run.

Thank you to the following people who have generously donated to the Women’s Health Resource Library in memory of Elaine Hill.

If you would like to join in honoring Elaine with a donation, click here.

Donald and Carolyn Wright
David and Rhonda Pinkham
James and Lisa Reardon
Robert and Laurie Curtis
Blair and Carol Morrison
Ellen Strout
Barbara Kneeland
Rachel M. Holland
Richard E. Bailey
Richard and Brenda Ellsmore
Sandra C. Grant
Lela Mitchel
Eric and Jane Ellen Johnson
David and Deanna Garland
Carl and Ora Aselton
John Kennedy III
Saundra Kennedy
Linda O Cooney
Gail and Vernon Scott
Christine and Michael Kuhni
Margaret and Gerald Hill
Lisbeth M. Robinson
David A. Murphy
Cynthia and Vincent Degifico
Ronald and Connie Kaminski
Lynn and John Gallant
Sue Jucker
Mitch and Karen Kaminski
Julia E. Worcester
Everett and Barbara Mathews
Anita and Kenneth Upton
Mary and Paul Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mills