Eve Rottersman is the 2021 recipient of the Elaine Hill Memorial Nursing Scholarship.

Motivated by her grandmother who was a nurse, Eve Rottersman was drawn to healthcare from an early age. She grew up in Naples, Maine and took some time off after high school to travel and to spread her wings a bit. But, eventually, that call to caregiving re-echoed and she enrolled in the medical assistant program at Washington County Community College in Calais, graduating with her MA in 2020.

Eve remembers taking only one week off after graduation before she joined a summer class at the University of Maine at Augusta that would lead to a registered nurse degree. Fortunately, those courses became available online as, by then, she had two children and a full-time job at the Milbridge Medical Center. As medical assistant to Chris Kuhni, WHNP, she was inspired and encouraged to complete her training and to further explore the fields of nurse midwife or nurse practitioner. Currently in her second year, both paths have captured her interest. She feels that, as she pursues the clinical phase of her schooling, a third-year experience in Ellsworth, the direction will become clear.

At this stage, her coursework is more demanding and, with commuting to Ellsworth on the horizon, Eve has pivoted to a per diem schedule, working Thursdays and Fridays at the Milbridge Medical Center. She handles phone calls, prescriptions, and manages the lab, running tests and bloodwork, all excellent preparation for that RN in 2024. The pandemic has brought some unexpected stresses. Masking and social distancing make medical duties more complex, but she accepts these as part of the job, one that she loves.

Eve strongly encourages those interested in nursing to apply for the Elaine Hill Scholarship. While she had some financial help as she studied for her medical assistant diploma, that source is unavailable as she seeks her RN. Thus, the scholarship is a great help as she furthers her goals. Initially, however, it was an unknown benefit. She said it was working at MMC that brought her attention to the funds and especially Chris Kuhni who introduced her to Elaine’s 33 years of devoted nursing there. Eve feels privileged to have received this award in Elaine Hill’s name and wants others to know of its availability.

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