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A collaborative project of WHRL and Maine Outdoor School

OWL: Outdoor Women Lead teaches OUTDOOR and NATURALIST skills through a series of videos, blog posts, and interactive activities.

Our goal is to strengthen women and girls’ confidence in the outdoors — and in life!

Hazel Stark, founder of MOS, smiling.

Hazel Stark

Co-Founder of Maine Outdoor School

Registered Maine Guide

O.W.L Instructor

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Plant Identification

Coming August 24th, 2020!

Basic Canoeing Skills

Coming September 28th, 2020!

Start a Phenology Journal

Create your own phenology journal to help you get to know the world around you and track its changes throughout the season.

Learn more.

Entomology Exploration

The ratio of insects to humans on Earth is estimated to be 200 million to one!  Learn how different insects are grouped, and practice catching and identifying beetles, butterflies, and other bugs.

Learn more.

Camping 101

Learn the basics of preparing for a camping trip, how to set up a campsite, and more!

Learn more.

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Plant Identification

Coming August 24th, 2020! Participants will learn the basics of identifying plants and learn at least five plant species.


Coming September 28th, 2020! Have an old canoe around but never really learned how to use it effectively or confidently? Learn how to distribute weight in a canoe, how to hold a paddle, canoe safely, and some basic paddle strokes that will have you exploring quiet lakes and ponds in no time.

The OWL's Nest

A blog that answers your female-specific outdoor questions
Meeting your Needs Where There are No Toilets

Meeting your Needs Where There are No Toilets

Meeting your Needs Where There are No Toilets! written by Hazel Stark I’ve had several living situations where I did not have running water. Those scenarios, combined with my love for multi-day backcountry adventure, has given me lots of experience with meeting my...

Welcome to The OWL Nest: Spending Time Outdoors as a Female

Welcome to The OWL Nest: Spending Time Outdoors as a Female

Welcome to the Outdoor Women Lead blog: The OWL Nest! This blog will complement the videos that teach outdoor and naturalist skills as part of the OWL series. OWL is a collaborative project between Women for Healthy Rural Living (WHRL) and Maine Outdoor School, L3C...

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Zabet, assistant director of WHRL

Zabet NeuCollins

Assistant Director of WHRL

Project Lead for OWL