OWL Videos

Learn outdoor and naturalist skills from the convenience of your home or classroom!

Start a Phenology Journal

Create your own phenology journal to help you get to know the world around you and track its changes throughout the season.

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Entomology Exploration

The ratio of insects to humans on Earth is estimated to be 200 million to one!  Learn how different insects are grouped, and practice catching and identifying beetles, butterflies, and other bugs.

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All of our videos are in-depth explorations into the following topics: canoeing, camping, plant and insect identification, and phenology. On each video’s page, we have resources for further learning.

For even more educational offerings, check out Maine Outdoor School’swebsite.

Camping 101

Learn the basics of preparing for a camping trip, how to set up a campsite, and more!

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Plant Identification

Learn the basics of plant identification and identify a few common Maine plants!

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Have an old canoe around but never really learned how to use it effectively or confidently? Learn how to distribute weight in a canoe, how to hold a paddle, canoe safely, and some basic paddle strokes that will have you exploring quiet lakes and ponds in no time.

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