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Harvest Table Cooking Classes

Join us on the 3rd Saturday of the month, July through March for WHRL’s Harvest Table Cooking Classes. 

Learn culinary skills and favorite recipes from talented Downeast cooks as we prepare dishes using many local ingredients. We will show you how to make delicious meals using the lush, fresh vegetables from the Incredible Edible gardens, the farmer’s market, your own home garden or the grocery story. You will enjoy a great cooking experience, get fantastic new food ideas and make new friends. The hands-on classes are each two hours long. Best of all? Great tasting food! The classes are free, but space is limited, so register below today!

Workshops run from 11:30 -1:30 at Weald Bethel Community Center on the Maine Seacoast Mission campus in Cherryfield. 


No-Cook Tomato Sauce for Pasta

July 20, 2019 with Ora Aselton

It’s July and it’s hot! Who needs to cook when this simple summer sauce is ready as fast as you can chop the tomatoes?


Autumn Soup

November 16, 2010 with Macie O’Dwyer

With days getting colder, it’s the perfect season for a vegetable-based soup that can welcome almost everything the garden has provided.


Herbs Every Day

August 17, 2019 with Jodi Mountcastle

Vinegars, honey, oils, pesto, tea and more can be enhanced with herbs. Cooking with herbs will transform ordinary fare into the extraordinary! Plus, other uses for herbs in baths, tonics, and compresses will be explored.


Roasting Vegetables

January 18, 2020 with Jeanine Wright (New date!)

What could be cozier than a tray of veggies sizzling in the oven on a frigid day? Topped with spices, herbs, or garlic, they’re quick, easy, and will make your kitchen smell heavenly!


Vegetable Paté

September 21, 2019 with Ann Arnold (New Date!)

Sandwiches and crackers can be topped with this delicious spread that will make a healthy lunch or unique appetizer for your next get-together.


Winter Salad

February 15, 2020 with Pam Dyer Stewart (New date!)

Snow may be falling, but that’s no reason to give up on crunchy side dishes. Plenty of winter vegetables offer great combinations for the salad bowl.


Stuff It!

October 19, 2019 with Joan Height (New Date!)

Scooped and stuffed, eggplant, zucchini, or other squash can be filled with a wonderful array of ingredients to make vegetable boats that are a complete meal.


Harvest Pancakes

March 21, 2020 with Ruth Feldman

Harvest Pancakes? Any time of year or anytime of day – vegetable pancakes are a great way to make use of odds and ends or highlight your favorite vegetable for a quick side dish or embellish with sauce or topping as a full meal. We’ll also make a gluten free version!

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