Milbridge Commons Wellness Park

A Collaborative Project Between
Women for Healthy Rural Living
and Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Imagine this. 

You are in downtown Milbridge.  But a quick walk transports you to a place of natural splendor, serenity and a sense of remoteness.  You have arrived at Milbridge Commons, where you are instantly connected to nature via the sweeping views of Narraguagus Bay, winding walking trails that follow the curve of the land, and in summer months, bountiful gardens, lush with organic vegetables.

The Women for Healthy Rural Living has collaborated with Maine Coast Heritage Trust to make this vision a reality. Together we have created a community space at Milbridge Commons that will transform the health and vitality of our modest village.

Park Use

Public Welcome!

Milbridge Commons information/guidelines:

  • Open dawn to dusk 
(unless prior arrangements are made)
  • Motorized vehicles and bicycles are not permitted on the walking track
  • Dogs must be kept on leash
  • Must pick up after your pet
  • Carry in/carry out
  • No fires or camping
  • Respect private property
  • Respect other visitors’ peaceful use and enjoyment of the park

Incredible Edible Milbridge Gardens

Milbridge Commons features one of WHRL’s two Incredible Edible Milbridge large free pick-your-own veggie gardens in Milbridge. The Commons features 18,000 square feet of organically grown veggies that are free to pick and enjoy! Click here to learn more about Incredible Edible Milbridge.

Children's Garden

The Children’s Garden at Milbridge Commons creates a magical backdrop for learning. It provides opportunities to discover all the amazing things unfolding in the garden world. Kids get to explore, get their hands dirty, and observe the rhythms of nature.  Interactive, fun, ever-changing.

Picnic Tables

Milbridge Commons is the perfect place for your family picnic!

Ed Flannagan Pollinator Garden

While serving 24 years as CEO at Wyman’s of Maine, Ed was a leader in the effort to save the honeybees. He delivered testimony to a Congressional hearing on USDA funding for bee health, where he warned, “No bees, no berries.”  Under Ed’s leadership, Wyman’s has grown to be a national leader in bee conservation. Ed’s contributions are not limited to the insect world. Ed and wife Jane have also strengthened the Downeast community through their advocacy and philanthropy, crafting a legacy of caring and compassion.

Bill Arnold Memorial Bench

This granite bench constructed by Jesse Salisbury, was placed in 2019 to honor  Bill Arnold, one of Incredible Edible Milbridge’s very first volunteers.

“I didn’t want to place a formal bench in a landscape that is celebrating nature.   What I wanted to do was put a natural boulder back in the landscape that hides a perfect relaxing spot in front of a fantastic view.” ~ Jesse Salisbury

Milbridge Commons Walking Trail

The trail at Milbridge Commons follows the curve of the land offering sweeping views of the Narraguagus Bay. This loop is 975′ long. Walking can complete a mile in just under 5 1/2 laps. This 6′ wide trail has a deep gravel base topped with stone dust that makes it easier on the joints than pavement. It is stroller and wheelchair friendly allowing everyone access to this fabulous space.

The Views at McClellan Park Lighthouse

Artist, Janie Snider, painted “The Views at McClellan Park” lighthouse as a tribute to McClellan Park in Milbridge. “The painting is my understanding of the views from daylight to dusk in a 360• view!” The lighthouse was purchased at auction and donated to Women for Healthy Rural Living who chose to give this beautiful artwork a permanent home at Milbridge Commons.

Children's Play Area

Funds have been raised for a children’s play area. Due to COVID-19 installation has been postponed. Stay tuned!