Why I Give: Carla Ganiel

Carla Ganiel

Carla Ganiel is the Learning and Evaluation Officer at the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation and has led evaluation and learning initiatives in the philanthropic and government sectors for more than two decades. Carla is a full-time remote worker based in Harrington, where she was born and raised. She serves on the Board of the Maine Academy of Modern Music and occasionally writes about her Maine adventures on the Beginner’s Maine blog. She also enjoys reading, baking, camping, and hiking.

What are your passions?

I’m passionate about Washington County and the opportunities it affords for enjoyment of nature, artistic expression, and community connection. I’m passionate about the written word–books and writing. And I’m passionate about my work in philanthropy helping foundations become better learning partners to the nonprofits they support. 

How did you get involved with WHRL?

When I moved back to Washington County last winter after twelve years “away,” I turned to OWL to meet fellow outdoor enthusiasts and joined the book club to connect with other book lovers. These activities were just what I needed to help me successfully transition back into Downeast life.

How does WHRL support your personal values and your work to build a stronger community?

WHRL is built on the premise that everyone can be both a giver and a receiver. Sometimes you harvest food for your table or reap the joy of connecting with other like-minded community members. Sometimes you give something back by volunteering in the garden or just showing up to offer friendship and fellowship to others. In cities it’s easy to find “third spaces” to gather and connect beyond the home and the workplace. There are fewer of these spaces in rural areas, and they are sorely needed. I love that WHRL is a place to connect, to learn, to support one another, and to build community.

Why do you donate to WHRL?

I give to WHRL because it gives even more back to me. I want others to experience those same benefits, and I want this organization to remain an anchor for everyone in our community.

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