Why I Give: April Norton

April Norton

April is Vice President of Human Resources for Wyman’s of Maine. 

What are your passions? 

My passions are all centered around living a good life.  Whether it is what I am eating, the information I am absorbing, the people I spend time with, hobbies or the work I do.  Living a life that I am proud of and supports other people being able to enjoy a good life completely fills me up.

How did you get involved with WHRL?

I got involved in WHRL through the work I do at Wyman’s.  Wyman’s has been a long-time supporter of the work WHRL has been doing within our community. My relationship evolved from professional to wholeheartedly personal. WHRL’s mission is fully aligned with my personal values and commitments, and they are an extension of the work I get to do every day within the walls of Wyman’s. The well-being of our community is supported in all the ways I personally feel is necessary for a better future in Downeast Maine.

How does WHRL support your personal values and your work to build a stronger community?

WHRL understands the key role women naturally hold within a family and in a community. I personally believe improving the health and well-being of women translates directly into a better society for all. Women tend to prioritize others’ needs over their own as a tradeoff to nurture (make a situation better for someone else). WHRL offers fulfilling, creative opportunities for women to care for themselves, connect and learn from other women, and still be able to nurture those around her.  It is a holistic support system producing an abundance of goodness.

Why do you donate to WHRL?

I support WHRL because of the difference they are making in my life, in other women’s lives and the impact they are having on my community.  They understand the needs of our people, the needs of this place, and they always step up to help close the gaps that divide so many others. When I count my blessings, WHRL is one of them.

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