“I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose, I would always greet it in a garden.” – Ruth Stout

We once again find ourselves in the light of a spring tease. This time of year is plagued by mistrust in Mother Nature. Can it be? Is this random, 55 degree day really a tell-tale sign that spring is before us? Just as we start to ponder, a Nor’easter answers for us, and presents six inches of freshly fallen snow. We shovel away our dreams of spring and retreat back indoors.

Even with the mistrust caused by fake springs, my mother always encouraged me to embrace this time of the year. “It’s when we’re our most creative!” she would say. Whether I know that to be a truth or not, her belief in this dynamic (and the fact that it rains sleet for most of March + April) led us to complete many of our family art projects during this time. To make it extra focused on the warm days to come, we would spend time working specifically on things we could incorporate into our garden! As we move throughout the gloomy month of March, I am so excited to share with you all five of my favorite garden art projects. These are perfect crafts to do with little humans, your partner, a friend, or by yourself! Truly – there are no limits to the audience this blog post is intended for.

Suncatcher in the shape of a heart

Photo Credit: Fireflies & Mud Pies

Design a suncatcher

  • There are all kinds of different ways to go about creating a suncatcher for your window or garden! I have painted scratched CD’s, tied awkward length pieces of twine with beads onto a long piece of driftwood, and up-cycled some tiny makeup container mirrors to create reflective elements. You could keep it real simple and sustainable with Book’s and Giggle’s Up-Cycled Plastic Suncatcher tutorial or Little Pine Learner’s Nature Suncacthers guide. Alternatively you could give some of the world’s most accredited artists a run for their money by designing a scrap paper mache suncatcher (idea found here!). Regardless of your creative endeavor, you will bring light to your garden or window with this fun craft!

DIY bird bath

  • Trying to find a use for a beautiful, yet cracked coffee cup? Did you happen to fall in love with a gorgeous steele chair at the dump or a yard sale but have zero reason to bring it home? Look no further for inspiration – the moment to make your dream bird bath is here! Seriously, the ways one can go about designing a bird bath seem endless. As a way to help the creative process along, I encourage you to take a look at Home BNC’s 24 Cute DIY Bird Bath Ideas You Can Easily Make for Your Garden. With any of these 24 great designs, you can curate a dreamy oasis for your feathered friends.

Decorative plant markers

  • Everytime I stroll down the aisles of TJ Maxx or Target, I am so tempted to purchase any and all of the incredibly charming plant markers I see! It’s in those moments that I ask myself, “How might I make this at home?” Well, I am in luck, because making cute, decorative plant markers for both indoor & outdoor plants is incredibly easy to do at home! Grab a rock, some paints, tiny spoons, or adhesive paper and help make your plant names come to life! For inspiration, check out the Micro Gardener’s 20 Creative Plant Labels & Markers.
Bottle caps glued into the shape of flowers

Find this photo and tutorial at Suburbia Unwrapped!

An up-cycled wind chime

  • Out of all five of these crafts, this is the one that might require you to make a specialty trip to the store (or give you an excuse to finally declutter your craft cabinets + closets!). However, it will totally be worth it, as you can spend the early spring mornings listening to the sounds of the wind. These are extra great, because no matter the weather or season, you can toss it outside and add some chime to your day! My favorite, sparkly wind chime tutorial can be found at Garden Therapy’s online catalog.

Bottle cap flowers

There really couldn’t be a simpler, sweeter garden craft if it were required! This is a fun one for all ages and is guaranteed to add color to your blooming garden or for your indoor plant pots. For a step by step tutorial, check out this video by Country Sampler Magazine. Each flower requires just seven bottle caps – so be sure to plan ahead and not throw any away!

There are endless studies on the healing power of art and creativity. Even if these five ideas might not be for you or yours, I encourage everyone reading this blog post to find time for play and to craft throughout your days! And most importantly, on days where winter’s grasp feels ever so strong, try and find ways to think of spring. ?? ?


Written by Larissa Holland
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