by Chris Kuhni

Years ago, I got a call from a well-known charity asking me to donate. It was especially well-known to me. They had paid for a large chunk of my nurse practitioner education. This was a cold-call; the caller had no idea about my connection. When she asked if I wanted to donate, I  answered with an enthusiastic “YES, please!” Then she asked if I wanted to make my gift part of a monthly giving program. She explained that would mean fewer phone calls asking for more donations. Fewer calls meant lower costs for the charity. And they would have the assurance of steady income throughout the year. This sounded like a friendly partnership between donor and charity. It sounded convenient. I agreed. That was over 20 years ago and it is one of the most satisfying donations I make all year. I get periodic updates about how my dollars are being used. And I feel good giving back to an organization that is personally meaningful to me.

WHRL is now asking donors to consider that same sustained way of giving. It will allow us to plan more effectively and result in a greater community impact.  If you have questions about monthly giving, contact us by email or call 546-7677. If you would like to become a monthly donor, click here to make your secure recurring donation.

Chris Kuhni at Milbridge Commons
Chris Kuhni, Executive Director, at Milbridge Commons Wellness Park
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