Woman comforting person on couch who is crying

Much has been made of putting 2020 behind us. Wouldn’t we all like to toss our 2020 calendars into a massive heap and light it on fire? There is no doubt about it; it has been a challenging, painful, frightening year– unlike anything we have ever endured. So is 2021 to be the antidote? We’ll see.

Speaking of antidotes, there is a film out by that same name. “Antidote” highlights real people and organizations impacting lives in the most meaningful ways. Several stories are woven together to show how the human spirit can be lifted through kindness. At a time when desperation is the norm for many and hope is in short supply, this film shows people creating the space for love and kindness to flourish. “It’s about who we are and maybe, who we can be.”

One of the heroes, an ordinary man living in a poor, “bad” neighborhood, talks about how his program for children became a thriving success. He did not ask his neighbors what they needed. He asked his neighbors what they could give. It was in the giving that this neighborhood was elevated. It was in the giving that the children found strength and joy.

We all have something to give. All of us. Do you have a neighbor who lives alone who could use a phone call? Do you know someone dealing with a catastrophic illness who might like an encouraging note of support? Do you know a struggling family who would welcome a casserole or a bag of groceries? Do you have time to start volunteering with a local non-profit?

How do we rise above the overwhelming sadness and despair that has shrouded this perilous time? By giving. Give of yourself. Reach out. Give in small ways. Give in big ways if you can. But give. Because it is in the giving that we will find much of what we have lost. In the giving, we will resurrect our hope, our optimism, and our sense of a better future.

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