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Incredible Edible Milbridge Wish List

 Janis Lesbines puts her heart and soul into her gardening work. She sees Milbridge Commons as a dream come true. As a community activist, Janis is devoted to helping people by sharing her gardening skills.

She has put together a wish list of items that will make work easier for her and her staff. Better tools mean more veggies for everyone!

Can you help Janis?

Woman Watering the Garden
  • Incredible Edible Milbridge Wish List - Help Our Gardeners Feed the Community

    Please consider donating for a specific item in the wish list below. If you prefer to send a check, please make your check payable to "WHRL" and send it to use at WHRL, PO Box 463, Milbridge, ME 04658.
  • Already purchased: weed trimmer, hoses, wheel barrow, and sprinklers. Thank you!
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