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April Gardening Calendar

April showers bring May flowers. That's what they say, and sure enough, spring rains are important for our gardens. If you didn't get to start seeds in March, then April is the time to begin, and no, you're not behind! My motto with seed starting is "Always better...

Growing to Learn

This last year has been tough for every human both young and old. As winter comes to a close, and we hope life moves closer to normal once again, planning a garden experience for you and your children might be the perfect pandemic remedy. You’ve probably heard that...

It’s March, and It’s Seed Starting Time!

It's best to start seeds that need lots of time to get going, like parsley, celery, onions, and leeks; or seeds that love the cold weather, like broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce. Vegetables that love the hot weather can wait a little to be started. You...

All about those Microgreens!

Winter in Downeast Maine can be cold, grey, and usually, not a time to be sowing seeds; however, you can still have a winter garden experience with microgreens. They are seeds of many commonly grown plants that are harvested as soon as they develop their first real...


This is a great time of year to plant an ‘indoor garden’ or terrarium. For older children, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn about the water cycle, condensation, respiration. A closed terrarium is its own biosphere: some terrariums have stayed closed and alive for a...

Encourage Feathered Friends

Winter is a great time to encourage feathered friends to the garden! One easy way to do this is to install bird feeders around your garden and property. Looking for some simple bird feeder ideas? Why not a pine cone feeder? If you know where there are some pine trees,...

Review what you Grew!

While it’s still fresh in your mind, grab a piece of paper and talk together about what grew well, not so well, pay special attention to what you’d like to try next year - and make a list. This list will come in very handy next spring when you are deciding which seeds...

How to Grow Garlic Greens and Bulbs

Adapted with permission from University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Hancock County, photos by Pammy Dyer Stewart Did you know that garlic is one of the healthiest foods out there? It also helps repel vampires -- AND it tastes great on bread. Why wouldn’t you...

How to Make a Toad House

Gardening for wildlife is a great way to encourage biodiversity! There are thousands of ways to encourage birds, bees, toads, butterflies, salamanders and more to visit your garden. Having toads in the garden is VERY beneficial. A toad will not eat your garden plants...

April Gardening Tasks

Here’s a guide for when to start your seeds indoors in order to be ready to plant them outside in May or June:

1st week of April (start indoors)

  • onions (if you didn’t start them in March)
  • leeks
  • scallion
  • sweet & hot peppers
  • eggplant

 Mid-April (start indoors)

  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • kale
  • kohlrabi
  • cauliflower
  • lettuce
  • herbs like oregano, thyme, sage, basil

Late April (start indoors)

  • lettuce (again)
  • tomatoes
  • flowers! like zinnias, cosmos, marigolds, bachelor buttons, lavatera

Check out out April Gardening Calendar for more information, and our March seed starting guide!

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