Scarecrow Competition Rules

  1. Sign up below.
  2. Create a scarecrow, design its support, and install it at the Commons at a designated spot!
  3. Deliver your scarecrow & support to the Milbridge Commons from 12 – 5 pm on Friday, October 9th. A volunteer will help you install your scarecrow!
  4. Visit the Commons over the weekend to see all the other scarecrows. Vote for your favorite on WHRL’s Facebook page! Category favorites will get a prize.
  5. The online auction will begin Saturday at noon and end Sunday evening at 5pm.
  6. Scarecrows will be picked up on Monday from 12 – 5 pm.

Category One: Youth

All youth are welcome to participate in the scarecrow competition!


Category Two: Adults

We can’t let kids have all the fun! Bring on the competition — we’re excited to see what you create!


Category Three: Groups

Does your workplace want to get involved? How about your entire family? Form a group and create a scarecrow together!

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