Summit for a Cause: Trina

Support Trina Wellman in her hike up Mt. Katahdin!

Hiker: Katherine (Trina) Wellman


Sorrento, ME

About Me

I have recently retired and divorced and moved back to Maine where I grew up. I couldn’t be happier. I love being out of doors more than anything except on a dark snowy night when I like heavy blankets and a fire in the fireplace…and did I mention soup? I love soup, french fries, and pasta always followed by an enormous salad (not all at once mind you). I have hiked in some amazing places such as Kilimanjaro in Kenya, Gokyo Ridge in Nepal, and Mt. Rainier in Washington State. If I have learned anything altitude is not my friend. So most recently my hiking has been in the Pacific Northwest (where I went to graduate school, married, had two awesome girls, and conducted my professional career) and of course Mount Desert Island. I climbed Katahdin as an 18 year old with my boy friend of the time. The weather was so snotty that when I asked when we are going to cross the infamous Knife Edge he said…”already passed it”.

What excites me about this hike

I love an adventure and even more when it means helping to support other women and their needs, health and aspirations.

Favorite trail snack

Almonds. Rice cakes with hummus followed by a side of fries (just kidding).

Donations 2,150
Goal 1,500

Don’t stop at $1,500!
It’s all about supporting nursing students in our community. The hiker who raises the most donations gets a prize!

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