Elaine Hill Love a Nurse Step-by-Step

Follow the Mt. Katahdin Trail in Support of the Elaine Hill Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Mt. Katahdin Step-by-Step

Join us in supporting the Elaine Hill Memorial Nursing Scholarship through Katahdin Step-by-Step.

This walk is for those who can’t attend the actual summit up Katahdin, but still want to support our cause — providing nursing scholarships for students in Washington and Hancock County.

Follow the trail up Mt. Katahdin at a 2:1 ratio — that means for every mile of trail we summit, you walk two! This is to account for elevation gain. We will be hiking approximately 11 miles — so you walk 22.

Katahdin Step-by-Step begins on July 1st and ends August 13th.

22 Miles in 44 Days.

Need an additional challenge? Walk the Knife’s Edge — one of the steepest, most dangerous trails up Katahdin. Walk an additional 6 miles.

Each person that registers will be entered into a prize drawing. At the end of our hike, we’ll draw ten names out of our “hiking pack”. These “prizes” will be small gifts that support you on your own personal journey towards health and wellness.

Registration is $5. Once you register, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group where you can share photos of your journey along the way.

Step-by-Step registration will open in late Spring!

Elaine Hill Love a Nurse Step-by-Step

July 1st – August 14th


Walk 22 Miles


Share photos on Facebook


Support Nursing Education

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