Summit for a Cause: Nicholle

Support Nicholle Haynes in her hike up Mt. Katahdin!

Hiker: Nicholle Haynes


Norway, ME

About Me

I have always enjoyed going on walks, but it wasn’t until I started staying home with our kids when they were 1 and 2 that I started hiking. I’d bring them to do small hikes likes Wolfe’s Neck and Bradbury Mountain and it was so much fun to be out exploring and seeing new places with the kids. In the past 7 years, we’ve done longer and steeper hikes, started camping, and are planning to go backpacking for the first time this year! I home-school our kids and love learning new things with them, adventuring around our state and planning our road trip vacations! Since my husband works from home and we home-school, we have a pretty flexible schedule and love to visit places in the off seasons, find hikes wherever we are and are excited to check off four National Parks on our list this year!

What excites me about this hike

I’ve wanted to climb Katahdin for years! I’m excited to challenge myself, meet other hikers from around the state, learn from our guide and reach the summit! I love hiking, being outdoors and exploring this beautiful state we live in. I haven’t yet been to Baxter State Park, so I’m excited to be in a new area! I do a lot of hiking with our kids and it’s fun to talk to them about the hike, have them come on training hikes and have them see me work towards a personal goal!


Favorite trail snack

Clementines, cheese sticks, and cinnamon toast crunch bars.
Donations 1,600
Goal 1,500

Don’t stop at $1,500!
It’s all about supporting nursing students in our community. The hiker who raises the most donations gets a prize!

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