Summit for a Cause: Mason

Support Mason Crocker in his hike up Mt. Katahdin!

Hiker: Mason Crocker


Sorrento, ME

About Me

I spent most of my life working in Texas and New York City. The lure of warm winters took me to Florida before I came to my senses and moved to Maine where I had vacationed for many years. I feel more at home here than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. I love every season. Each has its own special qualities and each provides me with a different type of project. Currently I am creating paths and garden beds in anticipation of summer and fall harvests, going for long walks and planning my upcoming hikes in Acadia.

What excites me about this hike

I’m excited to climb the highest peak in Maine as part of a wonderful way to celebrate my wife’s August birthday. We love sharing the outdoors together and have been trying to figure out great ways to give back to our community. Last summer we volunteered building conservancy trails. This summit offers us the opportunity to combine two goals at one time. It will be an experience we will never forget. We are so impressed with all that WHRL does and it is inspiring us to spread its message.

Favorite trail snack

Granola bars and nuts.

Donations 1,600
Goal 1,500

Don’t stop at $1,500!
It’s all about supporting nursing students in our community. The hiker who raises the most donations gets a prize!

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