Summit for a Cause: Lisa

Support Lisa Kelley in her hike up Mt. Katahdin!

Hiker: Lisa Kelley


Freeport, ME

About Me

I am the mom of two great teenagers, fairly recently divorced, and have many good friends and family members. I have a Master’s degree in Community Health Nursing, currently work in this field and have been an RN since 1995. I love being outdoors, am an avid gardener and a birder. I love to be outside in Maine doing all kinds of things in all seasons. I love to hike and have done a bunch of backpacking, but not for quite some time. I exercise regularly, including yoga, strength training, cardio, and lots of walking for many miles!

What excites me about this hike

I have wanted to climb Mt Katahdin for a long time, but haven’t found the right circumstances in which to do it. I am excited for this hike for the physical and mental challenges, doing it with a diverse group, with a competent leader at the helm. I love meeting interesting people who may not be people I would meet any other way. I look forward to the breathtaking views, the changes in flora and terrain, being dog-tired at the end and how eating food on the trail always tastes better! Looking forward to “shaking the snowglobe”- doing something out of the normal routine!

Favorite trail snack

Gorp/nuts, packets of tuna, bagels and avocado.

Donations 1,600
Goal 1,500

Don’t stop at $1,500!
It’s all about supporting nursing students in our community. The hiker who raises the most donations gets a prize!

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