Summit for a Cause: Zabet & Hazel

Support Zabet NeuCollins & Hazel Stark as they lead hikers up Mt. Katahdin!

Guide: Hazel Stark

Hometown: Gouldsboro

Sweep: Zabet NeuCollins

Hometown: Milbridge

About Us

Hazel: I grew up in the Maine woods, choosing a tent in the forest as my bedroom five months out of the year from age 9 until I left for college at 18. Identifying the tracks, scat, mushrooms, and owl sounds that existed in these woods gave me a deeper appreciation for the natural world and a passion for sharing its wonders with others. What better way to do that than on a fantastic hike on Maine’s tallest mountain?

Zabet: When I graduated high school, I biked across the country with a group that raised money and awareness for affordable housing. I realized how easy it was – with a little grit and determination – to make a difference in the lives of others. My interest in helping others led me to WHRL. I am now the assistant director, and help coordinate events such as this one. I am once again excited to go on an adventure while fundraising for a good cause!

What excites us about this hike

H: Guiding it! I love Mt. Katahdin and am so excited to be bringing people there to share its wonders for a good cause.

Z: I love being active in the outdoors, and I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals. I will be the designated “sweep” of this trip, meaning that I will be the last one– no one will be left behind. We will get up and down this mountain together!

Favorite trail snack

H: GORP with cheerios and chocolate.

Z: Sesame sticks. Or m&m’s. Or both?

Two women leaping for joy during a winter hike

Fun Fact About Us

We met on-top of Tunk Mountain and shortly after became good friends! Our shared passion for the outdoors led us to start OWL: Outdoor Women Lead. Pictured above is us jumping for joy after our first winter hike in 2022.


Donations 880
Goal 1,500
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