Summit for a Cause: Andy

Support Andy Steinharter in his hike up Mt. Katahdin!

Hiker: Andy Steinharter


Addison, ME

About Me

We recently moved to Addison in Washington County. We moved here for its natural beauty and lifestyle. These days, if you work remotely, as we do, why not move to such a place if you are fortunate enough to be able to so? I like running, walking and hiking by the sea and mountains. I live with my wife Cindy, dog Josie, and cats Twisty and Yoda. I have two boys, David and Harry; David lives and works in Worcester and Harry is finishing his junior year in college. One of my favorite activities is to use my chain saw to make fire pit wood and then split it by hand with a maul. Then I make a fire pit to to warm us as Cindy, Josie and I watch the tide come and go, the birds frolic, and the afternoon sun’s gloaming on the trees and homes across the bay.

What excites me about this hike

Katahdin is a symbol of what makes Maine the the most beautiful state. Maine has both dramatic mountains and breathtaking coastline. I live near the breathtaking coastline part of Maine, so I have to drive a bit to get to the mountain region of Maine, making a mountain summit hike more of a special event for me (though I do have a little beauty near me called Tunk Mountain). The last mile near the peak of Katahdin is mostly rock scrambling, requiring both your hands and your feet, making it a more fun and challenging adventure than many hikes. And, of course, there is the sense of accomplishment associated with summiting Maine’s tallest peak (with more of mystique than NH’s Mt. Washington, because I find it weird to hike a peak knowing other people are getting to the same spot in their cars).

Favorite trail snack

Granola bars.

Donations 2,825
Goal 1,500

Don’t stop at $1,500!
It’s all about supporting nursing students in our community. The hiker who raises the most donations gets a prize!

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