Downeast Family Garden Project

Helping families in Washington County grow their own vegetable gardens.

Our goal at The Downeast Family Garden Project is to help families throughout Washington County grow their own vegetable gardens. We offer free seeds, post resources and garden tips on our blog, Seeds and Sprouts, and offer support throughout the growing season. This is a collaborative project between Women for Healthy Rural Living, The Maine Seacoast Mission, and the Community Caring Collaborative.

In 2022, we distributed seeds to more than 75 families across Washington County, Maine!


We have a new community garden at the Maine Seacoast Mission. Interested in having your own plot? This is perfect for families who’d love to garden, but don’t have the space. These are permanent raised beds at the Maine Seacoast Mission — if you sign up, you will be gardening in Cherryfield.

To sign up, you agree:

  • to participate in several work days throughout the season;
  • to check-in on their raised bed regularly, and
  • to assist with watering and weeding.

In return, you will receive seeds & seedlings for your raised bed, in-person guidance, a support network of family gardeners, and all the vegetables your garden produces.



Register Here for a Raised Bed

Participate in Maine Seacoast Mission’s new community garden! Apply today for a raised bed.

These raised beds are permanent beds at the Maine Seacoast Mission. You will be gardening with other families in Cherryfield, ME. This is a one-garden season commitment — your raised bed is available to you from mid-May until it’s too cold to garden!

We are prioritizing applicants who have children and who can attend the community garden workshops listed below. Each workshop will be two hours, and there will be an activity for kids as well. At this point, workshops are on Sunday afternoons from 2 – 4 pm. This is subject to change if not enough applicants can make those times.

Garden Orientation- Date TBA (Early May)

Join us for a garden orientation — you’ll be assigned a raised bed, receive seeds, meet the other gardener, receive tools, and more. Gardeners must attend this garden orientation. We’ll schedule based off of participant’s availability.

Kids’ Activity: Grow a Grass Head Buddy

June 5th - Transplanting

Learn how to transplant and care for seedlings!

Kids’ Activity: Make Your Own Terrarium

July 10th - Weeding, Bugs, and More!

We’re in the thick of it now! Learn tips and tricks for caring for your garden, preventing insects and weeds.

Kids’ Activity: Amazing Plants

September 11th - Harvest Celebration

Celebrate the garden season! Harvest your veggies, share your successes, and learn how to put your garden “to bed” for the fall.

Kids’ Activity: Garbage Gardens

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