Downeast Gardens

Helping Downeast Familes Grow Food

Do you want to have a family garden? ¿Tienes un jardín para su familia?

We have seeds for 75 families with children.

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girl in garden

The Community Caring Collaborative and Women for Healthy Rural Living have teamed up to help support up to 75 families who wish to grow a garden. In addition to the seeds, we offer a blog called Seeds and Sprouts with information, ideas and support that can help you throughout the season.

We have seed collections in three convenient sizes for families in Downeast Maine. These seeds are intended for any Washington County family with children, who would like to have a vegetable garden but find it a hardship to purchase seeds at this time. 

Our seed collections will have a great variety of seeds in them. You might be wondering — how do you choose the right seed collection? Small, medium,or large? All three options have the same seeds. Think about how much space you have. If you can, measure it to make the best decision. (Measuring a garden area or estimating how much space you have is a great activity to include kids in!)

Seeds include: bush beans, beets, carrots, chard, cucumber, lettuce, peas, pepper, pumpkin, radish, spinach, tomato, zucchini, edible flowers and herbs. We’ve prepared all the packets in advance and can’t make changes or substitutions. You can pick up your seeds in Milbridge or Machias on April 10th and 17th (more information when you register). If you can’t make those dates, we can arrange to send your seeds to you in the mail.

What else do you have to do? All we ask is that at the end of the growing season you fill out a brief survey about your garden experience: what helped, what didn’t, and what we can do to improve for next year. We would especially love to see photos and hear stories of your gardening experiences!

Planting sheet for 10 x 10 garden


The small size gives you about 100’ of garden — if you plant it all in a single long row! Each packet in the small size gives you enough to plant at least 5’ of seed. If you have a small garden space (smaller than 20′ x 20′), container gardens, a raised bed or two, if this is your first garden, a children’s garden, then this collection is for you. You’ll have plenty of seeds to experiment with. You’ll even be able to plant some seeds (like lettuce) several times, to always have a small amount of fresh lettuce growing.


seed chart for 20' x 20' garden


This packet has many of the same seeds but enough in each packet to plant a 10’ row of each seed. This size would be good for an area approximately 20 X 20 garden area, which is considered an average garden. We believe this is the right size for a small to medium sized family.


This pac​ket has many of the same seeds as the smaller collections, you’ll have enough seed each packet to plant a 20’ row of each seed. If you’re planting an area larger ​than 20 X 20, have a large family and enough space, this collection is for you. We’ve included multiple varieties where we can (carrots, beets, lettuce) for more variety, where space allows.