Connect– for the Health of It

An Epidemic of Loneliness

Women for Healthy Rural Living is responding to a call-to-action by the U.S. Surgeon General to address loneliness and isolation. Studies reveal these issues pose profound threats to our health and well-being. Through community education, enhanced programming, and improved accessibility, our goal is to enhance social connection in our Downeast community.

Please join us in bringing this important work to life. We have an opportunity to match two grants, one from the PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation for $9,270 and another from the Reny Charitable Foundation for $5,000. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $15,000. Let’s continue to build a strong, vibrant community where all people have the opportunity to connect and thrive. Connect– For the Health of It!

“Social connection is a fundamental human need, as essential to survival as food, water, and shelter. Throughout history, our ability to rely on one another has been crucial to survival.” 

U.S. Surgeon General’s report, “Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation”

We now know that the lack of social connection is a risk factor for individual health and longevity. Lacking social connection can increase the risk for premature death as much as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.

“Loneliness and isolation are more widespread than many of the other major health issues of our day, including smoking (12.5% of U.S. adults), diabetes (14.7%), and obesity (41.9%).


WHRL programming has allowed me to expand relationships within my community, learn new things, and has offered me a stronger sense of belonging and better overall well-being.

WHRL program participant

Less than 20% of individuals who often or always feel lonely or isolated recognize it as a major problem.” Because the close connection between social isolation and poor health is not well-recognized, this represents an urgent public health concern.

Through our initiative, “Connect– for the Health of It”, WHRL offers a variety of opportunities to connect with others. We offer programs like:

For more information, please call us at 546-7677.

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