Art With a Heart, The Magic of Monhegan

An Artists Retreat - May 2023

Supporting WHRL through the Magic of Monhegan Island.

Ten team members and WHRL’s executive director are participating in Art With a Heart – The Magic of Monhegan – An Artists Retreat from May 26th to May 28th.

This is a crowd fundraising event! Each artist will fundraise at least $1500 to participate.  Money raised from this retreat will support the programs of Women for Healthy Rural Living, including Incredible Edible Milbridge, Outdoor Women Lead (OWL), and Milbridge Commons Wellness Park.

Artist’s Monhegan Work

A sample of art created by our artists inspired by their time on Monhegan in May 2023.

Janie Snider

Your Instructor: Jane Snider

Jane has been teaching art classes for nearly 30 years. Her work is inspired by the beauty of nature and Maine’s landscapes.

Jane works primarily in watercolor and acrylics but loves playing with other media. She will offer individual guidance and share some of her own thoughts and techniques.

Rockwell Kent Cottage by Jane Snider

Monhegan Village by Jane Snider

Autumn Barrens by Jane Snider

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