WHRL Community Advisory Council/Board Application

On behalf of everyone here at Women for Healthy Rural Living, thank you so much for your interest in board service. We know that those with an interest in being a leadership volunteer have many choices. In our community, there are an array of remarkable organizations engaged in the important work of making our world a better place. We are humbled knowing that you are interested in us. The following application offers us an opportunity to know more about you, your skills, attributes and what you would bring to our board. It also gives you a sense of what matters to us in any board candidate. The goal of our process is to determine if we are a good fit for each other – your level of commitment and ability to deliver on our expectations so that we are confident that you can help us to increase the scope and impact of our work. On the other side, we want to know what motivates you and how you think about our organization so that we can help to create an excellent board experience for you.

Following a successful application, our process starts all potential board volunteers as members of our Community Advisory Council (CAC).  The CAC serves several purposes:

1.   A springboard to board membership. Serving on the CAC gives people a chance to get to know us better and become familiar with our mission before making the commitment to become a board member.  Likewise, the WHRL is able to see a prospective board member’s level of commitment, energy and passion for our work.

2.   A way for board members rotating off the board to remain involved.  Board members who wish to return to the board after rotating off must wait at least one year before returning to active board membership but can essentially be involved at any level they choose apart from voting, while on the CAC.

3.   A way for people to actively participate in WHRL without the commitment of board membership.  Some CAC members may never aspire to board membership but still want to serve is some limited capacity.

After a period of at least four to six months, CAC members may elevate to full board membership with voting privileges, if, and when there are board openings. (We have thirteen board slots.)

CAC membership requires a minimum attendance at two board meetings per year or helping at two events annually, or a combination of the two (attending one meeting and helping at one event).  Events include the Elaine Hill 5K, Milbridge Days 5K, Milbridge Days blueberry pie baking or auction, Christmas Tree festival, Downeast Roots festival, or other activities.  However, there are no limits to your level of involvement as a CAC member.  You are entitled to attend all board meetings and participate in all activities but you may not vote. All CAC members are expected to be positive ambassadors for our organization.

CAC members need to be aware that only those who demonstrate an extremely high level of commitment and passion for our work will be invited to the board. Our process is intentionally very selective. We are doing important work in the community and need people who can help us make a significant impact. We are seeking people who are willing and able to devote time and energy to see our community thrive.

Thank you again for your interest in our work and for taking the time to complete this application with thought and care. We look forward to reviewing it with that same level of thought and care and to continuing our conversations.