Photo of the Garden at the Red Barn Motel

The garden next to the Red Barn Motel is thriving!

We are in the height of the summer! So many vegetables and herbs are ready for harvest at the IEM Gardens at the Red Barn Motel and at Milbridge Commons. If you don’t find the vegetable of your choice at one garden, you may well find it at the other one. If you don’t know whether something is ready to harvest, please ask a gardener before picking!

At the Commons, you’ll notice more and more flowers in bloom. At the lower end of the garden, flowers are now ready so that you can cut a bouquet for yourself when you come to the garden. Janis has a line-up of willing volunteers, ready to stop by for an hour or two to deadhead flowers or water the gardens when the rain doesn’t fall.  Thanks to all these volunteers who are so important to taking care of the gardens.

Zuchinni with a pick sign in front of itWe are appreciating dog walkers’ efforts to keep their dogs out of the garden. This keeps the vegetables clean! We are happy to report that we have not had deer damage in recent weeks, so it seems the solar-powered electric fence, that is only turned on at night, is doing its job.

At the garden next to the Red Barn Motel, green beans, zucchini, carrots and more are ready to harvest! Please follow Farmer Matt’s signs and directions for harvesting.  To maximize production for the community, remember to observe the Green “Pick”/ Red “Don’t Pick” signs at both gardens.

The July 22nd workshop, Attracting Beneficials to You Garden with the Herbs They Love, was cancelled due to thunderstorms. We will reschedule this workshop for later in the summer/early fall.

Finally, if you plan on heading to Milbridge Days, be sure to check out the gardens at the Milbridge Commons! Janis will be there from 9 – 11 and 12 – 3 to answer any questions you might have about the gardens or Incredible Edible Milbridge.



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