1. Comfort and Joy

Skip the velvet and reach for the flannel.  You can do your online bidding at WHRL’s CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL while wearing your coziest jammies.

2. Deck the Halls

It’s time to decorate.  Need ideas?  Check out WHRLs’ CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL for unique and creative ideas.

3. Crank up the music

Put on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” while taking in all the amazing trees and wreaths at WHRL’S CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL.

4. Drink up

Put on the hot chocolate or pour a mug of eggnog.  Then check out WHRL’S CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL.

5. Remember Others

Find creative gifts at WHRL’s CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL.  And remember, the auction proceeds support community projects like Incredible Edible Milbridge that help our neighbors.