October Incredible Edible Milbridge Report

We are sad that the 2020 season is winding to a close; however, it is not without an impact!

Between the Incredible Edible Gardens at the Golden BeetRed Barn Motel and the Milbridge Commons, an estimated 7,000 lbs of vegetables went out to our community this year. We hope this helped many during the added stress of the pandemic.

We we have been working on putting our gardens to bed this fall. Garlic has been planted and mulched, along with some spring bulbs planted at the Commons. About 35 cubic yards of compost, from We Compost It in Scarborough, ME., has been delivered for use next year. The perennials gardens at WHRL’s new home have been cut back. In short, we’re ready for winter!

In early October, our Sunglo greenhouse was delivered to 87 Main St, where it will sit behind the office building. Lumber has been delivered for building the knee walls and our electrician has come by to give us an estimate on the wiring. In November, Farmer Michael from Foklore Farm and his crew of workers will build the 15 ft. x 25 ft.  greenhouse! We plan to use the greenhouse in the spring for expanding our growing season — expect seedlings, a plant sale, and more!

In the midst of the virus, we are grateful for the hard work of our IEM gardening team— Janis, Michael & Myriam, Zabet, and workers Jenn and Gail, as well as the steady help of so many volunteers. Gratitude to all!  It takes a community to make such beauty and such bounty.

This year, many families began or expanded their own family vegetable gardens, some with the support of the Victory Garden Project. This reflects the longstanding Downeast Maine tradition of family vegetable gardens. Restoring and strengthening family vegetable gardening is part of the hope of the Incredible Edible Milbridge Project. We’ll be continuing a blog for family gardeners over the winter. Stay tuned, and in the meantime— You Go, Gardeners!


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