Picture this. A town where healthy, happy people live, work and thrive. A town where kids have a safe place to play, elders are valued and cared for, and everyone has enough to eat. There are places to walk, run, push a stroller, or toss a Frisbee. In this town, folks have access to the healing power of nature. People here are friendly; they smile and wave to their neighbors. There is a warmth and a vitality that you can feel.

This can be our community. The foundation has already been laid. Incredible Edible Milbridge is going into its 9th year. With the help of many supporters and a partnership with Maine Coast Heritage Trust, we have Milbridge Commons Wellness Park. Funds have been raised for a magical playground, to be installed after COVID.

Ah yes. COVID. Our other wellness programs are on hold. Bone Builders, our senior’s exercise class which has been going strong since 2007 is on hold. So is Tai Chi. Same for Weight Watchers. But once we get the green light, we are ready to go in our newly-renovated home on Main Street. But wait. There is another problem. We have discovered the beautiful 1850’s home we have lovingly restored has some big issues. The roof leaks and needs to be replaced. And the basement leaks and needs to be sealed. All the hard work that has been put into this house is at risk if we cannot address these problems soon.
An understanding and compassionate local resident has offered a matching grant of $25,000 toward sealing the basement as well as replacing the old roof. They will match every donation, dollar for dollar. Why is sealing the basement important? Humid, damp, or downright wet basements can result in peeling paint, mold and mildew growth, and rotted wood. And we all know the hazards of a leaking roof. Our beautiful interior renovations are nearly complete. This much-needed roof and basement work will guarantee that our new home remains in good shape for many years to come, and the community can meet in a healthy atmosphere.

Our ability to continue our work, to build a healthy, thriving community depends on community support. We are here today because of community support. Please, help us, join us in this journey to become that happy, healthy town where we all want to live. Be the hero we need right now.

VISIT https://whrl.org/donate87/