Incredible Edible Milbridge is gearing up for another successful season of growing pick-your-own vegetables that are free to everyone in the community.

Growing veggies for our community takes a lot. Your donations can help! Here’s a list of needs for this Incredible Edible’s growing season. If you have items that you can donate, or if you are able to donate to support these purchases, please contact us here:

Click here to donate online.

To mail your donation, please make checks to: Women’s Health Resource Library and note IEM on the comment line. Send checks to WHRL, PO Box 463, Milbridge, ME 04658,

No gift is too small!

High school or college internships (two of them) – $2,000 each

For the third year in a row, we will offer half-time, paid internships to two young people who will learn all about growing vegetables from Michael. This will include garden planning, preparing healthy soil, starting seeds, to transplanting, weeding, watering, harvesting and putting the garden to bed for the winter. A unique opportunity for our youth to learn valuable life skills while contributing to the community.

Compost for the Incredible Edible Garden at the Red Barn- $2000

Our vegetables are only as healthy as the soil. Michael has scoured the state for the best quality compost.

Soil amendments – $500

These include soybean meal, calcium, phosphate, potassium and azomite–all to make healthy soil and nutritious vegetables.

The IEM Humble Vegetable Cook Book – $500 Sponsorship

The WHRL is creating a simple, free cookbook to distribute at schools, the farmer’s market, the Market Garden at the Red Barn, and beyond. It will include all the vegetables we grow, simple ways to use them, storage tips and a few fun facts about each of them. We plan to publish the cookbook in both English and Spanish!

Honda Mantis Tiller – $400

A small versatile tiller that lets us lightly work the soil in individual garden beds. It’s worth its weight in gold.

More signage for the garden, in Spanish and English – $400

Better labeling of vegetables! Instruction on when to pick and how to pick, what’s ripe and what’s not.

8’ x 1” inch bamboo poles (150 of them) – $200

For pole beans, tomatoes and other vegetables that grow tall! Increases the yield per plant, helps keep the garden trim and makes picking easier!

Garden tarps, large and small – $100

For over and under our compost pile, so not an ounce goes to waste!