Saturday, July 15 @ 9-11:00 am
Location: Leonore’s Garden – 44 Heron Cove, Harrington
Leader: Leonore Hildebrandt

The productivity of our gardens depends on billions of bacteria, millions of fungi and protozoa, and thousands of other critters living under our feet. All food web organisms have their roles and functions as they help to decompose, retain, and recycle nutrients within the soil. We will learn more about this underground food web and discuss ways to create rich, vibrant soil. Finally, we will tour Leonore’s beautifully-designed vegetable garden.  Growers of all skill levels are encouraged to bring questions and learn from this gifted gardener.

To register online, go to workshops/   or call and leave a message at 546-7677

This workshop is presented by the Women’s Health Resource Library’s Incredible Edible Milbridge program.