Join us for one of our Incredible Edible Milbridge workshops/garden tours this season!

Seed Starting and Seedling Swap Workshop

Saturday, April 29 @ 9 – 10:30 am
Location: Women’s Health Resource Library – 24 School Street, Milbridge
Leader: Janis Lesbines

In this informal workshop, we will talk about how to start seeds, save seeds, how to choose your seeds, prick off and transplant into the garden. If you’ve got seedlings to share, bring them. Accomplished gardener and landscape designer Janis Lesbines will happily answer all your questions.  Give your garden the best possible start this season and take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity.  We will have free seeds available to share with everyone attending.

Creating Super Soil- The Secret to Bountiful Gardens – Workshop and Garden Tour

Saturday, July 15 @ 9-11:00 am
Location: Leonore’s Garden – 44 Heron Cove, Harrington
Leader: Leonore Hildebrandt

The productivity of our gardens depends on billions of bacteria, millions of fungi and protozoa, and thousands of other critters living under our feet. All food web organisms have their roles and functions as they help to decompose, retain, and recycle nutrients within the soil. We will learn more about this underground food web and discuss ways to create rich, vibrant soil. Finally, we will tour Leonore’s beautifully-designed vegetable garden.  Growers of all skill levels are encouraged to bring questions and learn from this gifted gardener.

DIY Organic Pest Control – Workshop and Garden Tour

Sunday, August 13 @ 1 – 3 pm
Location: Bear’s Den – 34 Bear’s Den, Addison
Leaders: Geri Valentine and Donna Kausen

Geri and Donna have been raising organic vegetables for 40 years.  As you tour their extensive gardens, they’ll talk about how they use crop rotation as an organic method of pest control.  Natural pest control strategies help gardeners avoid toxic chemicals. And dealing with hungry bugs by working WITH nature enhances the overall health of the soil and plants.  Come and be inspired by these amazing gardens and the women who created them.

Kimchi Party – It’s All the Rage! 

Saturday, September 9 @ 9 – 11 am
Location: Women’s Health Resource Library – 24 School Street, Milbridge
Leader: Pam Dyer-Stewart

This workshop is about an easy and fun way to preserve fresh vegetables, and create a tasty new food that is really good for you. It’s all about slicing, salting, massaging and savoring vegetables straight from the garden. Come find out about the health benefits of kimchi while we’re making some. You’ll go home with recipes and your own jar of kimchi.

All workshops are FREE, but registration is required. To register, visit or leave a message at 546-7677.