Dear Friend,

Thanks to you, our community is healthier. Your neighbors are eating better. There is less hunger in Downeast Maine.

Let me share Helen’s story (not her real name):

Helen, a senior citizen, ran into a Women’s Health Resource Library board member with an Incredible Edible Milbridge tote bag. Helen saw the logo and said, “Your gardens saved me! I have been hungry for a long time and was too proud to go to the food pantry. Now I can eat well again. I am so grateful.”

Your support makes stories like Helen’s possible.


Last year the WHRL’s Incredible Edible gardens produced over 3000 pounds of fresh, organic vegetables. Because the gardens are open to all, people can gather the food they need and maintain their dignity; there is no stigma associated with Incredible Edible. For many people in our community, the gardens mean they no longer have to choose between food and paying their bills. They no longer have to choose between food and much-needed medicine. Families are able to provide their children with nutrient-rich, fresh produce.

And our children are regular visitors to the Incredible Edible Market Garden at the Red Barn, thanks to a cooperative effort between the Women’s Health Resource Library and Milbridge Elementary School. They are learning about where their food comes from and are actively involved in growing vegetables at the Incredible Edible beds at their school.

But we simply cannot do it without you. Our plan is to double the garden harvest next year. Would you be willing to make a special year-end contribution of $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to help meet our goal and feed even more people in 2017?

Your contributions have helped hundreds. Your donation will help us continue the important work of the Women’s Health Resource Library, creating a community that is healthier, stronger, more resilient and more vibrant.

Please help make a difference in your community by contributing to the continued success of Incredible Edible Milbridge.

Please click here to make a donation now. Together, we can work to end hunger in Downeast Maine. The lives of hundreds of others like Helen are at stake.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

With gratitude,

Chris Kuhni
Executive Director