Many people believe it’s the organization’s ‘job’ to make you happy at work. I would say your company needs to respect it’s employees and keep them safe, but I’m not sure making sure you are happy is only their job. Here are a few tips to make you happier at your job!

Wake Up on Time – I’ve had my highs and lows but I’ve always felt better when I didn’t hit snooze 100 times and ended up and being late for work. Even better, try to enjoy something at home before you head in. Sipping my coffee on the deck, watching the news on my couch, or exercising sets me up for a good day.

Improve Your Relationships – Try really hard to work well with others and develop at work. I’m not saying you need to be BFFs with every colleague, but try to engage with people, ask about everyone’s weekend plans. And don’t gossip. Not hating the people you work with will go along way!

Try to Add Value – I have the benefit of working at a small company and therefore, I’m able to see the impact I make. I know this might not work for everyone but do what you can. Bringing in the occasional donuts, celebrating birthdays with card, etc. go a long way! Sometimes you can create the thing your company is missing to make it a better work environment.

Take a Walk – Sometimes just getting outside in the sun can lift spirits. On particularly stressful days, I try to take a quick walk around my building and soak in the sunlight. Being outside, even for five minutes, can significantly improve my day.

Decorate your Desk – On my desk I have fun colors and photos of my favorite things that make me happy. When I get frustrated, I look at these things and they perk me up a little.