Incredible Edible Milbridge is offering a series of five free, hands-on, garden workshops in 2016. Let us help ignite your enthusiasm for gardening and enhance your garden know-how.

Starting Seeds with Janis Lesbines
Date: Saturday, April 30 from 9-11am
Location: Women’s Health Resource Library

From seeds to plants, this hands-on workshop will show you how to get your garden off to a good start. Learn how to sow a variety of seeds, and transplant seedlings. Learn what makes good soil—the foundation of a healthy garden. Learn about different containers for seeds and seedlings. You will go home with your own collection of seedlings to tend.

Let It Rot: Making Your Own Compost with Brian Dyer Stewart
Date: Saturday, June 11 from 9-11am
Location: IEM Market Garden at the Red Barn Motel

Some grass clippings, some seaweed, some manure, some veggie scraps.   Make a layer cake, add water if needed.  We’ll put together a compost pile for our Incredible Edible pick-your-own garden at the Red Barn in Milbridge.  Let’s make compost!

Increase Your Garden Yield with Beneficial Insects and Pollinators with Michael Hayden
Date: Saturday, June 18 from 9-11am
Location: IEM Market Garden at the Red Barn Motel

Come learn how to attract a population of insects and bees that will help your garden grow more healthy and abundant. We will  plant and give out  a wildflower mix that attracts native bees for pollination and predator insects that actually eat the garden pests. Also we will identify native pollinators in the garden and surroundings.

Building Healthy Soil For Healthy Crops with Leonore Hildebrandt
Date: Saturday, June 25 from 9-11am
Location:  Leonore’s home in Harrington

No matter if you are just starting out as a gardener or if you have been working with a plot of land for some time, you’ll have to pay attention to the life of the soil. We will discuss ways to maintain and improve soil fertility and tour Leonore’s vegetable garden.

All About Growing Garlic with Sam Cheeney
Date: Saturday, October 22
Location: Salty Dog Farm, 269 Back Bay Road, Milbridge

If you’ve never planted garlic before, or just want to pick up a few tips, join farmer Sam Cheeney at Salty Dog Farm to learn the basic for planting garlic and harvesting garlic. He’ll also cover troubleshooting problems with your garlic crop.

These programs are free, but registration is required. Learn more about these programs and register at or leave a message at 207-546-7677.

Incredible Edible Milbridge is a program of the Women’s Health Resource Library. Entering its fourth year, this successful initiative provides Milbridge with public vegetable gardens and a series of education initiatives designed to create a stronger, healthier, and more food-independent community. Twenty-four raised bed vegetable gardens located throughout the town and a 14,000 sq. ft. Market Garden at the Red Barn Motel provide free pick-your-own vegetable that are available to all.