different job not betterWe live in a bragging culture. There are books and shows all discussing how to promote yourself. You can even hire experts to help you brag better! Now, the issue here isn’t sharing your accomplishments with others, it’s how we do it. Sometimes, we don’t just brag, we line up our accomplishments alongside others for comparison, in order to make our achievements seem greater. Unfortunately, that comparison never fails to put someone else down. I was at a party this weekend, and someone (I’ll call her Sally) started a story: ”When I was only a waitress, I….” I physically cringed. One person at the party, let’s call her Sue, was a waitress, and the look on Sue’s face was heart-wrenching. Now, while I do not think that was Sally’s intent, it still hurt Sue’s feelings. And ultimately, it was wrong. Our bragging has turned into putting others down, or at the very least, not being considerate/reading the room, and that is not ok.

Everyone will make different choices in their life and have different jobs, and that is great! The phrase, “You do you,” really is important to remember. Be successful at the job you choose, and don’t worry about how you compare to the other jobs out there. It’s not about your title, it’s about the effort you put into your job and your happiness with your job. Regardless of whether your job is a waitress, a hairdresser, a neurosurgeon, a lawyer, a cashier, an accountant, you all face similar problems. How will I fit everything into my day? How will I pay my bills? How will I make this a successful day?

In short, be proud of your accomplishments and what you do, but don’t put others down. A hairdresser is no less successful or happy than an engineer, simply because of job choice. While some could argue “one is more difficult” or “one takes more schooling,”, I would argue, they are simply two occupations that do different things. They are different; one is not better. And, I can tell you one thing, I would be an awful hairdresser and an awful engineer, and I’m OK with that, because I make an awesome Market Researcher!