hopeSo, you’ve made the decision to no longer be “wooed to sleep” as writer Jon Acuff puts it, by your current job.  You have opted to leap out of your comfort zone and into possible employment opportunities that scare and excite you at the same time.

You scroll through the files on your computer and eventually find the resume that landed you your current position over eight years ago.  You clean it up, add the work you do now, any accomplishments and then click “save.”

Now your morning and evening routine consists of scrolling through your LinkedIn, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter applications causing your phone to become hot to the touch in just a matter of minutes.  You scan each job description that pertains to your skill set and then, in a matter of minutes, attach the resume you have stored on one of these sites.

Then, you wait.

Here’s where it can become defeating, difficult and hard.

Finding a job is not easy, especially if the demand for talent is low, and the talent applying is incredibly high.  Employers can be choosey and will only select the candidates that best represent the knowledge, skills and abilities for the job.  You may feel you have what it takes, but your work experience and education is what will make the sale, or not.

No one likes rejection, the feeling of being unwanted or undesirable.  Hearing nothing or receiving the “you’re not a fit for this position” email can be devastating.  The important thing to remember and understand is, don’t let the rejection define you or control you.

A way to look at rejection when seeking employment is prayerfully thanking God for closing certain doors that should remain closed, protecting you from potential harm, anxiety or stress.  Maybe the person who would be your boss is a severe micro-manager or the culture where you would work doesn’t line up with your morals or values.

For those who are employed but seeking a new job, I encourage you to continue doing everything with excellence until you secure your next gig.  If you are unemployed, go ahead and volunteer somewhere.  Offer your services so you can continue to use your skills and even sharpen them.  You are not only helping to meet a need but you are also meeting new people, and you never know what connections can lead to future employment.

Throughout this entire process, be encouraged.  With perseverance, patience and hope, the right position will surface, and your long awaited, highly-anticipated dream job will appear! There is hope in rejection and soon enough, you will find acceptance! Hang tight!