conflict resolution in the workplace

conflict resolution in the workplace

Welcome to our very first edition of “Corralling the Ocean” a Human Resources blog designed to inform, encourage and empower both employers and employees.  

Here is my first question:

“I work in a very small office without a true ‘HR’ person. How should I bring up HR issues with my bosses? Are there any resources I can use external to my company to know what I am entitled to?”

These are great questions!  In regard to bringing up workplace issues to your supervisor, the first step is setting up a meeting.  Bring documentation to back up the issue of concern.  This could include anything pertaining to discrimination, harassment or other workplace violation.  You should include dates, times, what was said or what action was taken and who was involved,  including any witnesses.  The supervisor should also document your conversation and then explain the next steps in the grievance process.

Once you have filed your issue with the supervisor, be sure and follow up if they do not contact you within a reasonable amount of time.  I would give it a couple weeks.  Please remember that Retaliation is against the law.  So if you notice you are being treated differently after filing a complaint or asking questions, you will need to address this with your supervisor and be sure to have another witness in the room.  If the situation does not improve, you need to speak with your supervisor’s superior.  If that fails to produce results or your supervisor is the highest person in the chain of command, then you file a complaint with the EEOC.

In regard to external resources for the workplace, a great place to go is the U.S. Department of Labor and the Maine Department of Labor.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to share any questions you have with me so I can address them here in my next blog!