bpilloniThese benefits may not be the ones discussed during your college search, but they are sometimes just as important as the educational benefits.

First, you learn how to get along with others. This may sounds like something you have been doing for years but while living on your own away from home, it’s a little different. You are surrounded by people; some you will like and others, you will not. However, you still need to live and learn with these people. Learning how to live with a roommate can be one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of college. Deciding who you want to be friends with (and who you don’t) is a big part of growing up.  And college is the perfect environment for this to happen. Learning how to work with different types of personalities and people is very important to your success in college and also in your life.

You also learn problem solving and how to work both independently and in a group (everyone hates group projects but it is a rite of passage). You will learn quickly how to juggle classes, homework and papers, group project meetings and any extracurricular club/groups meetings. You will interact with a variety of people who have different work schedules, different ways of approaching work, and different strengths. This is both greatly helpful and at the same time, frustrating!

You will also learn about consequences and how to take responsibility for your decisions.  One of the biggest adjustments for me in college was that no one cares if you read the book, but you will be tested on it and you may fail. Your parents will never know if you don’t do your homework and instead binge watch “Orange is The New Black”.  This also goes for any extracurricular activities you choose.  You are 18, you are not a minor – enough said.

Overall, I think the best and most important thing about college, the thing you don’t read in the brochures or hear from your guidance counselor, is that you can become yourself. You can pick who and what you surround yourself with. You are able to tailor your college experience around you!