collegeCollege has many educational and career benefits. In your classes you can expand your knowledge in basic subjects such as math, English, history, and more. You also take classes that focus on your chosen degree.

Majoring in marketing, I took many classes in statistics, marketing principles, and market research. In addition to taking classes on your area of study, you are able to take classes in many different subjects of interest. If you were always curious about film, you can take a cinematography class.  I was interested in international and global business and I was able to travel to Greece, Turkey and Ghana as part of my studies. You are finally able to take the classes you choose to take!

Many of you may be wondering why you should get a college education. The obvious benefit is that a college degree is helpful and even required in many jobs. The fact is, a college education is very important in today’s job market. Even if you may not need it for the job or life path you are considering now, you may need it down the road. No one plans to be laid off while needing to  support a family.  Having that college degree can make finding a job easier.  Getting a universal degree in something such as business or English could be very helpful down the line.

Whether you decide to attend a two year program, four year program or take a few classes here and there to complete your degree – it can only help!

Check back for Part 2, the fun stuff!