woman at workIt’s been a busy summer here, full of interviews and hiring new people. But there is one individual that I will never forget, and sadly, not for the right reasons. This individual had all the right pieces: a good resume, graduated from a well known college, job experience. And they even knew someone in the company. What they didn’t have were privacy settings on their social media accounts.

Before this candidate came in for the interview, I looked through their social media accounts (I do this to all people we want to bring in for interviews). This person was not hard to find, as they used their full name or a close variation for all accounts. A quick Google search was all I needed.

What I saw on their social media accounts were photos and videos of them drinking and using profanity. But this took the cake: a video titled something along the lines of ‘Drinking at Work’ where they chugged a beer one Friday while working and ended with a cheeky profane comment. I really do not care what my co-workers do in their free time, but our clients have access to Google too.

Furthermore, if this individual has such a blatant disregard for their job now, they probably won’t care when they are working for us either. We did have this individual come for an interview, but they didn’t go any further in the process. Their social media accounts were much to blame.

Your parents and teachers have been saying for years ‘watch what you put online’, but as an employer, I’ll say it too. We do look, and if you have photos and videos of you partying, drinking at work, doing drugs, you might lose your chance without ever getting an interview. Remember, once hired, you represent the company in addition to yourself.

In short, if you want a job, put up privacy settings and watch what you put online – we can see it.