shoesDo you have any old shoes you would like to see planted? We need them! We are looking for 50 – 60 shoe pairs to plant for a fun children’s activity and as a way to help raise money for IncrEdible Milbridge on Milbridge Days – July 26th.

What kind of shoes? The more shoe the better… of all types are great because they hold lots of soil – also skates (roller or ice) make a nice ‘whimsical’ look. Sneakers work well and although high heels are difficult for holding soil they are fun so we could use a few of them. Sparkly and colorful anything is nice. Adult shoes are best in terms of soil capacity – but a few kids shoes would be good to have also (especially rubber boots)

When and where do I bring them? The Milbridge Public Library has been kind enough to accept our shoe donations on Tuesday July 22nd. We will have a drop off box in the lobby. If you have shoes but are unable to drop them off on that day you can call me (944-2932) and we can make some other arrangements.

What do I do first? If you can …..Please email or call me and leave a message that you will be donating some shoes and approximately how many pair. This will help us know in advance that the shoes will be coming… I will be keeping a count of them – even before we see them. We have limited space and time, so it will be very helpful to get a rough idea of supplies we will have in advance. If you can’t or you forget – we still want them, so please drop them off on the 22nd. The challenge will be having the right amount of supplies and helpers…so it helps to know as much of that in advance as we can.

We also need kids who want to help make the shoe gardens! We will be meeting at the library in a small group at the times listed below. Sign up for a time at the library or contact Elin ( 944-2932 or to sign up. All kids who help for a 2 hour block will get to make a shoe plant to keep!

Thursday 24th 9-11 – 5 helpers needed
Thursday 24th 1-3 5 helpers needed

Friday 25th 9-11 5 helpers needed
Friday 25th 1-3 5 helpers needed