successMy goal for the WOW blog is to allow young women from Downeast Maine access to successful women who also grew up Downeast.

When I was young, I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities; who could I be and what could I do with my life? I was driven but I didn’t really know what a girl from Downeast Maine could accomplish.

I want to be clear, that to me, success doesn’t mean attending an Ivy League college or becoming a billionaire. Success means doing the best you can, working hard, taking risks and trying new things. I believe that having a career that makes you happy and fulfilled is something to strive for.

Did I attend an Ivy League college? Nope. Will I ever be a billionaire? Not very likely. But, would I consider myself successful? Yes. I did the best I could, I worked hard, I took risks and I tried new things. I took a risk attending college six hours away at a school where I didn’t know a soul. I did the best I could and worked hard in school; I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I took another risk and decided to work for a startup market research company. I was hired as employee number 4, and now, less than 3 years later, we have grown to more than 10 employees. We will likely expand again in 6 months. Throughout my journey, I have tried new things and overcome challenges.

In short, I hope this blog inspires you to do the best you can, to work hard, to take risks and to try new things. I hope this blog helps you succeed in whatever you choose.