three-womenThere are many people you should surround yourself with when you are trying to be successful in your life. Whether you are looking to succeed on your science test or at a job interview, these three types of people are incredibly helpful.

1) The Networker – Call this person whatever you want (connector, networker) but they know who you need to know, whether you know you need it or not. My friend, let’s call her Sally, is a networker. She has helped me find job connections, a new dentist, and even my mechanic. Sally has helped me out in pinches, not by being the expert, but by finding me the person who is an expert.

2) The Risk Taker – This person allows you to step outside your comfort zone. (No, this is not the dangerous risk taker you see featured on YouTube.) It is someone pushing you to take ‘normal’ risks, like going to a party where you don’t know anyone, in order to make friends, or trying a philosophy course. Risk takers are needed because if we never step outside our comfort zones, we never grow. When I considered moving out of Maine, I was very nervous. I needed risk takers around me to inspire and push me. Ultimately, I think I made the right choice for me. But I would not have made that decision without someone gutsier than me.

3) The Cheerleader – Everyone needs someone in their life who is betting on you to succeed. This person cheers you on through your hard times, and is there to celebrate the good times. The cheerleader in my life listens to me complain about a hard week at work, a frustration I experienced with a friend, and then reminds me all of the good things I’ve done lately. Cheerleaders want you to succeed, not for selfish reasons, but because they want you to be happy and fulfilled.

There are many other types of people who will help you throughout life and one person could encompass multiple roles. Just remember, surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, rather than people who are going to hold you back and hope you fail.