iamstilllearningAs I sit here, faced with what to write, it’s so easy to remember who I was in high school. Memories flood my mind: friends, teachers, volleyball games, ‘Tourney Time’, youth group, white double-wide trailers used as classrooms, Leadership Days, track and field meets, piano recitals, and Physics Land Races. And oh, so much more.

I know a lot of people that have said, ‘You couldn’t pay me enough to go back to high school.’ My experience wasn’t a horrific one, but there are moments I wouldn’t want to live through again. But those moments were more than likely brought on by a teenage girl with an attitude problem. I was sent to detention too many times and I would occasionally send myself to the vice principal’s office just so I could get as far away from algebra II as possible. I would pick arguments with the chemistry teacher just because we had a personality clash.

Am I proud of this today? Absolutely not. If I were to wake up tomorrow in the halls of high school, I would go into class with an appetite to learn and not to start an argument.

Somewhere between my elementary education major, my experience student teaching 3rd grade in college and working part-time on campus as an Infant and toddler teacher, I realized I needed to work with children before they went to kindergarten.
As I watched these children learn and grow, I knew they were sponges for everything life had to offer. Books, dirt, music, their bodies and what they can do, art, building geometric structures with anything they could find. The list goes on and on. And those were only the children that were up to two years old!

Then I moved onto preschool teaching; my calling. These 3 and 4 year olds absolutely astound me every single day. And when I’m met with an attitude problem or a personality clash from them, I’m reminded why I do what I do. Because I want them to learn.
That is all my high school teachers wanted out of me, too. They wanted me to be a sponge for my English books, dig into the dissections in biology class, learn the notes in chorus, realize what my body could do in physical education, pick up the paintbrush to create a masterpiece, and take the shapes and numbers in geometry to find ‘x’.

There’s only one chance to have a high school career, so make the most of it. Enjoy the time while you’re there! Pay attention, apply yourself, go into class knowing that you may learn something new, and be happy! Looking back 18 years, I’m proud of my career path and the knowledge I have. But I definitely should have paid more attention to my studies, applied myself more, and gone into class with a learning attitude versus an arguing one. For now, I am still learning even while I’m teaching. Every day, I learn something new.

Next time, my focus will be on job applications and interviews! Until then, BeYOUtiful!