wowWords of Wisdom: Stories from Area Grads (WOW) is a new BLOG series featured at Women’s Health Resource Library Online.

Eleven women who graduated from Narraguagus High School are coming together to share their stories here at WHRL Online. The series will cover a wide array of topics, including personal stories, where they are now and their journey. They will share their experiences and the advice that they wish they’d been given when starting out.

Becky Pilloni, a 2006 graduate of Narraguagus High School, is spearheading this series. It will include her writing as well as contributions from Jessica Fickett, Amy Kennedy, Linny Barbee, Kristen Barbee, Cassie Tenan, Jen Baroletti, Blake Tilton, and Casey Openshaw among others.

About the WOW series, Becky shared, “Growing up, I was unsure what I could do and where I could go in life. I was fortunate enough to have a supportive mother who pushed me. I wanted to create a space where young women could go and learn about different career possibilities and the success they can achieve inside and outside of Downeast Maine, from fellow born-and- raised Downeast women. This blog is a place where young woman can hear from successful people, ask questions, and learn.”

Read Becky Pilloni’s opening post It Probably Doesn’t Matter here. The second WOW post written by Jessica Fickett entitled, beYOUtiful will run on Monday, February 10, 2014.

Read a new WOW post each Monday here. at WHRL Online. Readers can follow the series by subscribing to the WHRL’s RSS feed here, or through the WHRL’s Facebook Page here.