down east community hospital offers free mammogramsFor well over ten years, Down East Community Hospital has been providing mammograms at no cost to countless women in Washington County. Every October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the hospital offers free mammograms to women who lack insurance coverage for the testing.

Why is this so important? There has been a 40% increase in breast cancer incidence since 1978. For women in this country, the breast cancer rates are higher than for any other cancer except lung cancer. One in eight women will hear these words, “You have breast cancer.”

Every woman deserves the peace of mind that comes with this life-saving test. Down East Community Hospital has taken the lead in ensuring that cost does not become an obstacle to getting a mammogram.

The reality is this: most women who are uninsured do not end up paying cash for a mammogram. They skip the mammogram if there is no coverage. So this is not an issue of saving people money. It is an issue of saving lives.

The Women’s Health Resource Library salutes Down East Community with a “Hat’s Off!” for outstanding and enduring commitment to women’s health.

(A Women’s Health Resource Library “HAT’S OFF” award is recognition given to an individual or organization that goes above and beyond to improve health or advance wellness in the Washington County area.)