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So the ball continues to roll for Incredible Edible Gardens in Milbridge. We had our second community meeting on June 5. We saw new faces as well as many people who had come to the first meeting.

Participants brought an assortment of vegetable seedlings—from oregano to cherry tomatoes, from chard to broccoli— for anyone to take. We also had a donation of seeds and soil, provided by the Farm to School Program.

Gardens are going in around town! Several businesses and organizations have either container gardens or raised beds started. Janis is planting vegetables under the “Welcome to Milbridge” signs coming into town.

With the generous donation of 6’ X 6” timbers from Viking Lumber in Milbridge, we are looking for possible sites for larger raised beds. Jan Migneault has already installed a 4’ X 8’ bed in front of her house, and Mano En Mano is installing a bed of the same size.

Just imagine installing a couple larger beds (4’ X 12’) in a couple locations in the middle of town before Milbridge Days….

What we need now are containers for planting small gardens (everywhere) which is our signature for this year. So! A round of applause to EBS in Cherryfield for donating some containers and precut materials for containers, soon to be delivered to Anne and Bill Arnold’s house. Any carpenters out there who would like to build containers from these donated materials, step forward! Call the Arnold’s 546-2048.

Incredible Edible Gardens around town—take your kids (or yourself) on a treasure hunt and find these vegetable gardens in Milbridge.

  • The Women’s Health Resource Library
  • The Fisherman’s Wife
  • 44 North
  • Milbridge Pharmacy
  • Mano En Mano
  • Camden National Bank


The Incredible Edible Wish List

  • More barrels and containers (for planting small gardens)
  • Carpenters (to build containers for gardens)
  • People (to cut timbers, move them to locations and construct beds)

The next meeting of the Incredible Edible Garden Project is Monday June24 at 6:30 at WHRL.

Come and bring friends!

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