strawberry-nutritionThe recent warm nights are just what strawberries need to ripen. Soon you’ll see fresh local strawberries in the grocery store, at the Farmer’s Markets and roadside stands. These plump, luscious, naturally sweet fruits are packed with nutrition and can be an excellent part of your healthy diet.

One cup of strawberry halves delivers:

  •  only 49 calories and only 4 calories from fat
  • 12% of your recommended daily value of fiber
  • a whopping 149% of your recommended daily value of Vitamin C

These little jewels are sweet and tasty and provide your body with lots of good nutrients like:

  • Antioxidants which help reduce the chance of heart disease and cancer.
  • Fiber which lowers the risk of heart disease and supports digestion.
  • Phyto-nutrients that aid in the prevention of cancer and diabetes.
  • Potassium which helps maintain blood pressure, aids muscle contractions.
  • Vitamin C which promotes healthy gums, teeth and bones.

A recent study in American Heart Association’s journal, Circulation suggests that women who ate the most strawberries (and blueberries), three or more servings weekly, were 32% less likely to suffer an early heart attack than were women who ate fewer berries.

Strawberries can be part of any meal.

  • Top your morning Wheaties with sliced strawberries
  • Add sliced strawberries to your lowfat yogurt
  • Slice them and top your toast with the berries instead of jam
  • Dice them and add them into muffins
  • Toss them in a salad (See Ora Aselton’s Spinach and Strawberry Salad)
  • Dip them in antioxidant rich dark chocolate for a decadent, but healthy dessert
  • Add them to a smoothie

Did You Know? Strawberries do not ripen after they are picked, so strawberries grown and sold locally are picked riper and travel shorter distances to market. Local berries are your best bet for the freshest and tastiest berries!

Click here to find out where you can pick your own strawberries!

Do you have a favorite strawberry recipe you’d like to share? Consider sharing it here.

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